What are Tarps Made Of? Let’s Talk Tarp Materials

What are Tarps Made Of? Let’s Talk Tarp Materials

What Materials are Tarps Made of?

Tarps (or tarpaulins) come in just about every size, shape, and color imaginable. There are countless styles and designs of tarpaulins on the market today. So the question we’re going to tackle in this article—what are tarps made of?—doesn’t really have a simple, straightforward answer. Not that that’s going to keep us from answering it, of course!

Most tarpaulins today consist of polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, nylon, or polyester. Canvas tarpaulins are fading in popularity, but you’ll still find a lot of those around as well. 

Poly tarps and heavy duty vinyl tarps are by far the most popular options you’ll find on the market. Both styles are tough, versatile, and affordable … the three factors that make or break a tarp, figuratively speaking. They’re also lighter and less cumbersome than their antiquated canvas cousins.

Why are canvas tarpaulins considered dated? A poly tarpaulin is lighter and more water resistant, and vinyl tarps are fully waterproof. A canvas tarp is four to six times heavier than a poly tarp and keeps out a lot more water. And poly tarps are also considerably more affordable. So it's safe to say poly and vinyl tarps are all around better than canvas ones.

Party Tents Direct has a huge selection of tarpaulins to choose from. We carry ever-popular blue poly tarps, waterproof vinyl tarps, nylon drop cloths, black mesh tarps, and more. If you’re in the market for a high quality commercial grade tarp, give PTD a call today at 1-716-566-5804 and we’ll gladly help you find what you need!

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