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High Peak Frame Tents

High Peak Frame Tents

Heavy Duty, Commercial High Peak Frame Tents for Sale

High Peak Frame Tents: Classy Party Tents that Ooze Style

It’s your customer’s big day, and that means it’s also your big day. They came to you for more than just your party rentals. They wanted wedding rentals. They needed the perfect wedding tent to provide some shade and shelter to their guests. Hopefully they came to you for their table and chair rentals, too.

What do you offer them? A pole tent is pretty, but their center poles limit their functional space. A frame tent has lots of space, but despite their being aesthetically nice, they may not be perfect for this customer’s wedding.

What you need is a tent that bridges that divide. One that has the space of a frame tent, but the traditional appeal of a pole tent. A high quality, heavy duty type of tent perfectly suited for most outdoor events, but one that’s particularly classy for an outdoor wedding.

What You Need is a High Peak Frame Tent

A high peak frame tent (also known simply as a high peak tent) is a great upscale event tent. And it’s probably a little hoaky of us to say, seeing as how we’re the ones selling them, but we think all rental companies should have at least one or two in their warehouses. Just look at these canopy tents and you’ll see what we mean!

Frame tents are supported without the use of center poles, which is what gives them all of that added internal space. But a high peak frame tent uses tensioned cross cables to hold up a shorter variation of a center pole, which rises the canopy in its center without a big steel or aluminum pole running into the ground beneath.

All of this means the high peak frame tent is perfect for upscale outdoor events where party planners/event planners need plenty of space to work with. Graduation parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties … these party tents work great for any event that requires both space and sophistication.

Interested in learning more about these beautiful party tents? Give our sales folks a call at 1-888-291-4615 and we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect party tent for your rental company’s next big booking!