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HPF Tops

High Peak Frame Canopy Tent Tops

Replacement Canopy Tops for High Peak Frame Tents


Time for a Change? Add a New Top to Your High Peak Tent

High peak frame tents are beautiful to look at and highly functional, but did you know they’re also modular? Not only do they feature the swappable architecture style of a West Coast Frame Tent, but you can replace their tops with any of a wide assortment of styles to give your tent a complete aesthetic overhaul!

Our replacement tops for high peak tents are crafted from the same 16 ounce blockout PVC vinyl all of our HPF tents use, with the same 1” overlapping heat sealed seams that give these tops such impressive longevity.

Our party tent experts are standing by to take your call and get a high peak frame tent top delivered to your company. Call our team at 1-888-291-4615 and we’ll help you find everything you need