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Introducing Party Tents Direct’s Exclusive Range of 10' Wide Tents for Every Occasion

Welcome to Party Tents Direct, where we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of 10' wide tents, perfectly crafted for gatherings and small-scale events. Our collection caters to various needs, ensuring that whether you're planning an intimate backyard get-together or a grand corporate party, we have the perfect tent to elevate your event.

Discover the Benefits of 10' Wide Tents:

Our 10' wide tents are designed with your convenience in mind, offering unparalleled flexibility without compromising on quality. These tents are easy to set up and provide a variety of options including high peak frames and speedy pop-ups, while providing reliable shelter, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.

Explore Our Tent Styles:

High Peak Frame Tents: Elevate the aesthetics of your event with our high peak frame tents, that blend style and durability effortlessly. Whether you're looking for a cozy 10x10 party tent or a spacious 10x30 party tent option, our high peak frames offer the perfect solution. Additionally, explore our range of 10x20 party tents with walls, providing added privacy and protection to your event space.

Speedy Pop-Up Tents: For those seeking a quick and hassle-free setup, our speedy pop-up tents are the ultimate choice. Ideal for vendors and outdoor markets, these tents come in various sizes including 10x20 popup tents and 10x40 pop-up tents, providing instant shelter with minimal effort. 

Searching for a 10x20 pop-up tent for sale? Look no further, Party Tents Direct has got you covered with our Speedy Pop-Up Tents.

Weekender West Coast Frame Tents: Create a relaxed atmosphere with our Weekender West Coast Frame tents. These sturdy structures are perfect for casual gatherings and outdoor parties, whether you require a compact 10x10 frame tent or an expansive 10x60 frame tent. Explore our selection of 10x10 frame tents for sale and find the perfect addition to your event setup.

West Coast Frame, Single Tube Tents: For a simple yet reliable shelter solution, our West Coast Frame, Single Tube tents are the way to go. Whether you're hosting a bustling party or a community event with a smaller 10x50 party tent, our single tube frames offer sturdy protection from the elements. 

To enhance versatility and comfort, add sidewalls to your 10x30 West Coast Frame party tent and get the best out of your frame tent.

Customize Your Tent Experience:

Enhance your tent setup with our wide range of accessories, including tent sidewalls, folding tables, and folding chairs. Create a cozy ambiance with sidewalls for your 10x10 party tent or add folding chairs to your 10x20 party tent to provide comfortable seating for your guests. Explore our collection today and unlock the endless possibilities for your next outdoor gathering.

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