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Weekender Pole Tents

Economy Pole Tents - Large Outdoor Party & Graduation Tents for Sale

Our high quality Weekender pole tents are our cheaper party and event tent canopies. They're super easy to set up and take down, and are also affordable! Our Weekender pole tents are great starter party tents for the event rental company new to the business. These tents are built to last, and are also an excellent party tent option for an organization or homeowner looking to purchase a commercial grade party tent for occasional use. Cared for properly, this heavy-duty, cheap party tent for sale will last for years!

Looking for clearance priced, large outdoor party tents for sale? These lightweight party tents and canopies for sale are perfect for graduations, weddings, trade shows, tailgate parties, backyard barbeques and more! Browse our large selection of Weekender commercial party tents for sale. Popular event and party tent sizes with our Weekender line are 20 x 20 tents, 20 x 30 tents and 20 x 40 tents, and include options with or without tent sidewalls.

Premium Pole Tents

Commercial Party Tents - Premium Outdoor Pole Tents

Our Premium Pole Tents are our high-end commercial party tent and pole tent option. Our commercial pole tents for sale have features that ensure a longer party tent lifespan. Plan on setting up a canopy tent or party tent multiple times per year? This heavy-duty commercial pole tent is for you!

Our Premium Pole Tents are built to last and offer the highest level of tent quality. Looking for a commercial tent for your party or event rental business? These tents for sale are perfect for weddings, graduations, sporting events, church functions, company events and picnics, concerts and more! Our large outdoor tents for sale will accomoodate your needs, your guests, and parties of all sizes. Browse our selection of high quality, commercial canopy tents and canopies for sale offered in our Premium Pole Tent line of party tents.

West Coast Frame Tents

Frame Tents for Sale - Commercial Frame Tents

Need heavy-duty, commercial frame tents that can grow and expand with your party or event rental business? Our West Coast frame tents for sale utilize an expandable tent system. What's great about our West Coast tents is that the same tent components, such as pipes and fittings, can be used to build a variety of tent sizes. They're designed for a quick and easy commercial tent setup, and are super durable. These tents are simply awesome.

Shop our large selection of commercial grade frame tents for sale. Our commercial party tents for sale are perfect for outdoor vendors, corporate events, catering, sporting events, tailgating, anniversaries, parties and many other outdoor events. Our West Coast Frame tents for sale are available in a variety of party tent sizes: 10 x 10 tents, 10 x 20 tents, 15 x 15 tents, 15 x 30 tents, 20 x 20 tents, 20 x 30 tents, 20 x 40 tents, 20 x 60 tents, 30 x 30 tents, 30 x 45 tents, 30 x 60 tents, 40 x 40 tents, 40 x 60 tents, 40 x 80 tents and 40 x 100 tents.

High Peak Frame Tents

High Peak Tents - High Peak Frame Tents for Sale

We offer a large selection of commercial grade high peak frame tents for sale. These heavy-duty high peak tents have an elegant design and are able to be easily transported and stored. Believe it or not, setting up these commercial frame tents are actually quite easy! Most 20-foot wide high peak party tents can be set up with only two people. That's half the time of other traditional frame tents. Our high peak tents use 50% fewer parts than our West Coast frame tents. They're easier to set up, take down and also are cheaper to ship.

Our commercial high peak frame tents are available in a variety of tent sizes. Looking for one of our most common tent sizes? Browse our large selection of event tents and party tents for sale: 10x10 tents, 10x20 tents, 15x15 tents, 20x20 tents, 20x30 tents, 20x40 tents and 30x30 tents. Our heavy-duty high peak frame tents are perfect for your birthdays, special events, community events, outdoor wedding and parties, city and municipal tents and more.

Pop Up Tents

Pop-Up Tents - Quick & Easy Pop-Up Tents for Sale

Looking for a tent for sale that's quick and easy to set up? Our heavy-duty pop-up tents for sale are the ultimate in instant shelters. Our commercial pop-up tents are perfect for individuals, organizations and commercial customers looking for an affordable pop-up tent for sale. These strong and durable party tents will last for years and suit you well.

Our easy up pop up tents are perfect for your next party or event. Our pop up tents have been tested to withstand wind speeds of 60mph. They're the most professional and durable tents of their kind. You'll often see these easy up pop up tents being used by outdoor vendors. They can often be found at locations such as farmers markets, flea markets, fairs, carnivals and festivals. Pop-up tents are used all the time -- even if not for commercial use! They also make the best tailgate tents, tradeshow tents, vendor booths and tents for a variety of other party occasions or events. Our commercial pop-up tents will hold up to several seasons of use.

Tent and Table also offers a full line of Pop-up tent accessories, including party tent sidewalls, tent stakes, tent ratchet straps and more. With three different pop-up tent sizes, you'll be able to easily set up a commercial pop up tent that works best for your needs. The superior quality and build of our party tents for sale will more than meet your expectations!

Commercial Party Tents for Sal

Party Tents for Sale - #1 Commercial Tents

Party Tents Direct is your direct from manufacturer party tents for sale supplier. Browse our high quality commercial party tents for sale by size or style. Have questions about our party tents for sale? Get in touch with a commercial tent specialist today! Call us at 1-888-291-4615 or visit our Contact Us page for more options.

Looking for party tents? We offer the highest qualtiy, most affordable party tents for sale. We also offer a ton of tent accessories for all your party tent needs. Win the battle against the weather with our high quality tent sidewalls. Secure your tent with our heavy-duty tent stakes, tent ratchet straps, or water barrel covers. Look no further than our heavy-duty tent accessories and parts for your commercial tents!

Setting up your party tent is easy with our tent anchoring equipment. Browse our commercial tent accessories for sale, such as asphalt plugs, sledgehammers, stake extractors and tent tarps, tent ground covers and party tent ground cloths. Does your commercial tent, event tent or party tent need repair? Browse through our commercial tent repair products. We offer high quality, commercial grade tent repair kits and adhesive glues. Looking for tables and chairs for your tents? Party Tents Direct offers folding tables and folding chairs, event products and more!

Browse all of the party tents, event tents and commercial tents we have for sale at Party Tents Direct! Here's a full list: 10x10 party tents for sale, 10x20 party tents for sale, 13x26 party tents for sale, 15x15 party tents for sale, 15x30 party tents for sale, 20x20 party tents for sale, 20x30 party tents for sale, 20x40 party tents for sale, 20x60 party tents for sale, 30x30 party tents for sale, 30x45 party tents for sale 30x45 party tents for sale, 30x60 party tents for sale, 30x80 party tents for sale, 30x100 party tents for sale 40x40 party tents for sale, 40x60 party tents for sale, 40x80 party tents for sale, 40x100 party tents for sale, 60x60 party tents for sale, 60x90 party tents for sale, 60x120 party tents for sale, 60x150 party tents for sale.