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West Coast Frame Tents

West Coast Frame Tents

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Soak Up More Fun, Less Sun in a West Coast Frame Tent

Something about the phrase “West Coast” makes you think of beautiful weather, you know? Well, Portland and Seattle might beg to differ. But for the most part, the West Coast is known for beautiful beaches and clear sunny skies. And a west coast frame tent is the perfect solution when that gorgeous weather gets to be a little too much.

Most outdoor events are meant to take place in nicer weather. But sunny weather can ruin a great event, too. We’ve all been outside on those days where we find ourselves thinking “yep, the sun is actually trying to kill me to death right now.” UV protection is a really big bonus you get from a party tent.

When the sun is getting a little overzealous with its whole “being hot and bright” routine, or when it suddenly starts raining and your customers and their guests are literally left out in the rain, a west coast frame tent can really shine. Err, well, not shine, right? Save the day? Sure, let’s go with that.

Traditional pole tents look pretty, but they utilize somewhat annoying center poles that eat up more internal space than you probably realize. Your whole floor plan inside the tent has to be configured around your center poles, causing some pretty big headaches in events that are short on canopies but big on attendees.

The west coast frame tent design allows for more maneuverable, functional space by eliminating the space-gobbling center poles. So when the outdoor party gets too hot or too drenched, there’s fewer frame parts in everyone’s way and more space to hide under the heavy duty commercial-grade tent top! They’re partially modular, too, meaning you can assemble them in a variety of configurations for added functionality.

The added space a west coast frame tent offers can result in bigger bookings. They can protect more people at graduation parties and trade shows. And they’re pretty to look at, too, which means they can find a lot of work as wedding tents. As outdoor canopy tents go, west coast frame tents are must-haves in your rentals company inventory.

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