West Coast Frame Canopy Tent Tops

Commercial West Coast Frame Replacement Canopy Tent Tops

Replacement Tops for your West Coast Frame Tents

The party tents for sale here at Party Tents Direct are built with commercial grade materials and designed to be tough enough to withstand the sorts of abuse rental equipment is often subjected to. But there’s no such thing as an indestructible tent, and your tent top is especially exposed to potential threats, moreso than any other tent component.

A fallen tree branch. An overzealous barbeque chef squirting starter fluid into the grill. A small furry thing somehow nesting in your tent within the short timespan you’ve had it set up. Stranger things have definitely happened to perfectly good tents. Tent repairs can only do so much. And that’s why you may need to find a replacement top for your canopy tent.

Our replacement tent tops for west coast frame tents are crafted using the same durable, aesthetically pleasing tent tops you’ll get with full kits. We offer a wide assortment of color options, too, allowing you to spice up your rental equipment catalog and give your customers more options when they’re booking your services.

Please call PTD at 1-888-291-4615 and grant one of our party tent experts the privilege of helping you find the perfect equipment for your company’s needs.