15' Wide Tents

Welcome to Party Tents Direct, where we offer a stunning collection of 15' wide tents tailored to elevate your outdoor events with style and functionality. Whether you're setting up a family gathering or throwing a grand wedding party, our range of party tents is there to elevate your event and ease up your worries. These 15’ wide party tents offer unparalleled versatility and dependability, ensuring your event stands out and assure it’s a hit.

Embrace the Versatility of 15' Wide Tents:

From charming backyard parties to bustling outdoor markets, our 15' wide tents provide versatile solutions for a myriad of occasions. Perfect for organizing gatherings or offering shelter for vendors at markets and festivals to set up their business, these tents combine reliability with elegance, ensuring the party tent matches your requirements and your event is a resounding success.

Explore Our Tent Varieties:

  • High Peak Frame Tents: Elevate your event with our high peak frame tents, that seamlessly blend elegance while not at all compromising with practicality. Whether it's a 15' x 15' tent for your business at the carnival or a spacious 15' x 30' tent for your office party or commemoration event, our high peak frames provide reliable shelter with a touch of sophistication. 

Wanna add privacy to your event? Discover options of our 15x15 canopy with sidewalls to enhance privacy and protection for your guests.

  • Speedy Pop-Up Tents: Experience unparalleled convenience with our speedy pop-up tents, perfect for vendors, craft fairs, or outdoor festivals. Available in a wide range of sizes such as 15' x 15' & 15' x 30', these easy-to-assemble pop-up tents will offer you instant shelter wherever you need it. 

Searching for a 15x15 pop-up canopy tent? Look no further than Party Tents Direct, as we offer a huge range of pop-up canopies durable options at the best prices so you don’t have to break the bank to own a pop-up canopy tent that aligns with your requirements.

  • Weekender Pole Tents: Looking for a classic aesthetic ambiance paired with modern durability, look no further than Party Tents Direct’s Weekender Pole Tents- the ultimate choice. Whether it's a 15' x 15' pole tent for a backyard birthday bash or a 15' x 30' pole tent for a wedding reception, these tents provide reliable shelter with a touch of elegance. 

But these tents are incomplete without seating arrangements. So complete your pole tent’s setup with our folding tables and chairs for a comfortable and inviting atmosphere leaving no room for mismanagement.

  • West Coast Frame, Single Tube Tents: Simple yet sturdy, our West Coast Frame, Single Tube tents offer robust protection from the elements. Whether you require a 15' x 15' frame tent for a community event or a 15' x 30' frame tent for a trade show booth, these frame tents are easy to set up and provide ample space for your guests. 

Customize Your Tent Experience:

Enhance your tent setup with Party Tents Direct’s wide array of accessories, including tent sidewalls, folding tables, and chairs. Add sidewalls to your tent for enhanced privacy and protection, and complement your event setup with our durable folding tables and comfortable chairs to create a functional and inviting space for your guests.

For inquiries or to place an order, contact Party Tents Direct today!