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Heavy Duty Commercial Pop Up Canopy Tents for Sale<

Our 10x10 Pop Up Tent is Only the Beginning

You know what most people want out of their canopy pop up tent? They want it to be super functional. They want it to be water resistant, so the fun doesn’t stop when the sunshine does. They want it to be easy to set up, to the point where just one person can get it operational.

And hey, if you could toss in a carrying bag and free shipping, you wouldn’t hear anyone complain, am I right?

You can put a nice big checkmark in every one of those aforementioned columns with a speedy pop up tent from Party Tents Direct. From birthday parties to industry expos to craft shows and beyond, the perfect pop up party tent will get the job done booking after booking after booking.

You can get your pop up canopy tent in a variety of sizes, too. The 10x10 pop up tent is the most popular, but the 10x20 pop up tent has a hard time staying in our warehouse long, too. We’d make a joke here about our tents “blowing away,” but with wind speed ratings up to 100 km/h, that wouldn’t be very accurate. And let’s not forget the 13x26 event tent as well, with it’s high guest capacity (up to 46 people).

Give us a call today at 1-888-291-4615 and let us help you find the perfect pop up canopy party tent for your rentals business!

Speedy Pop Up Tents