30' Wide Tents | Party Tents

Step into the realm of outdoor excellence with Party Tents Direct and explore our extensive collection of 30' wide tents, meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse array of events. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a majestic wedding reception, or a vibrant community fair, our selection of tents ensures ample space and dependable shelter for every occasion. From majestic high-peak frames to premium pole tents, we have the perfect tent to exceed your expectations and make your event memorable.

Experience Unmatched Elegance and Functionality:

  • Hexagon High Peak Frame Tents: Make a bold statement with our Hexagon High Peak Frame tents, boasting stylish peaks and expansive interiors. Whether it's a grand 30' x 60' Hexagon High Peak Frame Tent or a 30' x 40' Hexagon High Peak Frame Tent for a more intimate setting, our hexagon frame tents combine elegance with practicality, ensuring a memorable event experience.
  • High Peak Frame Tents: Elevate your event with Party Tents Direct’s High Peak Frame tents, featuring striking peaks and robust construction. Choose from a range of sizes, ranging from 30' x 30' Frame Tent or 30' x 100' Frame Tent, we’ve got a collection to cater and accommodate your guest list comfortably. 

Planning to enhance your setup and maintain privacy? Add tent sidewalls to your 30 x 40 high peak frame tent and get enhanced protection and privacy.

  • Premium Pole Tents: Looking for a timeless aesthetic ambiance paired with modern durability, opt for Party Tents Direct’s Premium Pole Tents. Whether it's a 30' x 80' tent for a romantic wedding reception or a sprawling 30' x 120' tent for a large-scale event, our pole tents offer reliable shelter with a touch of sophistication. 

Explore our options for 30 x 40 pole tents for sale and elevate your event setup effortlessly.

  • Premium Pole, Sectional Tents: Indulge in unparalleled versatility with our Premium Pole, Sectional Tents. These tents boast easy setup and sectional construction, making them ideal for a myriad of events. Our 30' x 45' premium pole tent is just perfect for a dynamic trade show booth, while to enjoy a spacious environment for a lively festival our 30' x 105' premium pole tent is the best choice. Our Premium Pole, Sectional Tents deliver reliable shelter with style unparalleled to none.
  • Twin Tube West Coast Frame Tents: Looking for something that is designed for both stability and visual appeal, our Twin Tube West Coast Frame tents are perfect for events where reliability is paramount. Whether it's a 30' x 75' frame tent for a community gathering or a sleek 30' x 90' frame tent for a corporate function, our twin tube frame tents offer enhanced strength and elegance.
  • West Coast Frame, Single Tube Tents: Simple yet sturdy, our West Coast Frame, Single Tube tents provide dependable protection from the elements. Whether you're hosting a lavish 30' x 60' wedding reception or an intimate 30' x 40' backyard party, these Single Tube Frame Tents are easy to set up and offer ample space for your guests to enjoy.

Customize Your Tent Experience:

Enhance your tent setup with our wide range of accessories, including tent sidewalls, folding tables, and chairs. Add sidewalls to your tent for enhanced privacy and protection from the elements, and complement your setup with our durable folding tables and comfortable chairs to create an inviting space for your event attendees to relax and enjoy.

For inquiries or to place an order, contact Party Tents Direct today, and let us turn your vision into reality!