Canopy Tent Ratchet Straps

Heavy Duty Commercial Party/Canopy Tent Ratchet Straps

Secure Your Party Tents with Heavy Duty Tent Ratchet Straps

When you need to quickly secure your party tent, or when standard ropes simply won’t cut it, tent ratchet straps will get your party tent locked down firmly. These incredibly versatile commercial grade ratchet straps will outperform ropes in any application where strength is more important than aesthetics … though our ratchet straps do look really nice, too.

Our ratchet straps are woven using commercial grade materials, with your choice of S-hook, snap hook, and double D-ring ends. The heavy duty ratchet buckle is sewn directly into the strap and is designed to take on whatever job you throw at it, from work with tent anchors for party tents and inflatables to firmly securing cargo. Don’t be surprised if you buy these ratchet straps for one purpose and end up using them for a dozen more!

Our party tent experts are awaiting your call at 1-888-291-4615. We’d love to help you find the perfect equipment, including ratchet straps, other tent anchors, and whatever else your party rental business needs.