How to Have a Backyard Wedding

How to Have a Backyard Wedding

While everyone seems to be having an expensive, maximalist wedding lately, it’s definitely not for everyone. Sometimes, you just want something simple, a day to celebrate with your family, friends, and new spouse. Maybe you’re after a much more scaled-back ceremony, in which case a backyard wedding is just what you need. While much smaller and less expensive, however, there’s still a fair amount of planning involved in preparing for the perfect backyard wedding. Let’s take a quick look at what goes into backyard wedding planning, and how to ensure yours goes off without a hitch.

Pick the Right Venue

First of all, there’s the matter of picking the perfect wedding venue. If you live in a more open and rural area, you’ll be able to host the wedding in your actual backyard, but in a more urban setting, you may find yourself a bit short on space. 

If so, you may want to consider reserving a nearby outdoor venue such as a park. When doing so, be sure to keep an eye out for scenic views that would make for good wedding pictures, and be sure the ground is flat enough for your tables and chairs to stand on. Other than that, though, the perfect venue is different from person to person, so don’t be afraid to look at as many as you need to find one that’s right for you!

Sturdy, Comfortable Chairs

Of course, if you’re planning on a ceremony and reception, you’ll need somewhere comfortable for your guests to sit. For an outdoor wedding, a sturdy set of resin folding chairs is perfect. They’re comfortable to sit in, extremely durable, and easy to set up, tear down, and transport. Simply put, they’re one of the best options in terms of cost and convenience for the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Convenient Folding Tables

As with the chairs, if you’re planning to host an outdoor reception in addition to the ceremony, you’ll need enough folding tables to accommodate all your guests. Of course, if you’re hosting a smaller reception, one large banquet table should be more than enough to fit everyone in. Having picked out the table, you can move on to table accessories like a tablecloth and matching cutlery to establish your wedding’s theme down to the smallest detail.

Collapsable Party Tents

During very cold or very warm weather, you’ll want some sort of shelter for you and your guests. This is where collapsable party tents have their time to shine, providing a light yet sturdy barrier against anything from harsh sunlight to rain. We recommend a basic pole tent to allow you to appreciate the outdoor scenery, but if you want a more wedding hall-like feel, you could always opt for a walled-in pop-up tent as well. As with the venue itself, this is ultimately a matter of preference, so just do whatever you feel fits the vibe of your wedding the best!

Buying vs. Renting: Cost Comparison

Of course, there’s always the question of whether you should buy your equipment or just rent it for the day. Though most would assume that renting is almost always cheaper than buying, you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t always the case. Of course, it does depend on the situation, but if you know how to best use your purchased equipment, you may end up saving a fair amount of money.

The first thing that’s worth considering is the asking rate for renting chairs, tables, and tents. Though not exactly the norm, there are plenty of rental companies out there that won’t hesitate to charge an exuberant rate for even a short rental period, which when multiplied by however many pieces of equipment you have to rent, will start adding up. Buying from a reputable seller, on the other hand, ensures that you pay a fair price for your equipment, and you can even keep it for future outdoor events!

Next, keep in mind that you’re probably not the first person to use a piece of equipment, and there’s no telling how well the rental company has maintained it. If they’ve done a poor maintenance job, you run the risk of having equipment break mid-event, and to add insult to injury, you may end up having to pay for a replacement as well. Buying, however, ensures you receive brand-new equipment in pristine condition, allowing you to hang onto your outdoor event equipment for years to come.

Of course, if you’re looking for a vendor for all your outdoor event equipment needs, we at Party Tents Direct are here to provide! We supply only the highest quality pieces of equipment, giving you everything you need to make your dream backyard wedding turn out perfectly. If you’re interested, feel free to visit our shop!

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