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Weekender Tents: Low-Muss, Low-Fuss Party Tents on a Budget

Party tents are great for all sorts of different events. You’ll see them at carnivals, trade shows, graduatations, birthday parties, car shows, outdoor rock concerts … they’re as versatile as they are prolific. But they can also be a real pain to set up, too. And you don’t always need a hefty rig for every event, you know?

Enter the Weekender, an economically-friendly, easy-to-handle pole tent you and a buddy can set up with minimal tools and in minimal time. They’re easy to set up and tear down, and can be loaded into a smaller vehicle than most of our bigger commercial tents.

Speaking of commercial tents, did we mention that our Weekender line of pole tents are crafted from heavy duty commercial grade vinyl, and that they’re 100 percent waterproof? Because that’s all true. So too is the fact that they’re UV, flame, and mold and mildew resistant. And they’re pretty nice to look at, too!

Weekender pole tents are perfect for shorter-term events that won’t involve leaving the tent staked overnight. They’re perfect for birthday and graduation parties, single-day corporate events, and more. And if you need tents for more than one day, the weekender tents can be broken down quickly and easily, stored just about anywhere, and reassembled on the fly.

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