Heavy-Duty Carpeted Platform Cart, 43" x 80"

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This Carpeted Platform Truck is designed for tough jobs and handling big, bulky items. With an 80-inch by 43-inch wood platform that is covered with high-traffic carpeting, this platform cart is going to protect your load from scratching and stand up over time, load after load. This platform cart is able to handle loads and materials of up to 990 lbs, offering so much versatility for a number of tasks like hauling party tents, inflatables, or tables and chairs. It's perfect for industrial, hospitality, healthcare, office, educational and many other large facilities or properties where transporting goods is a necessity.

The frame is constructed from American, Heavy-Duty 12-gauge Steel and reinforced welded for the highest levels of quality and durability. It features 6 high-capacity caster wheels to support the load, with 2 static casters and 4 swivel, allowing for ease of movement across smooth surfaces and changing directions with minimal effort. It has a removable handle with cross brace support for superior strength. Tough jobs are just no match for this Platform Truck.