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The importance of fitness and living a healthy life is rising. Exercising daily is the only way to stay fit. Be it a gym or your home, gym mats are very essential while performing the ‘Art of Fitness.’ You can use these mats in different ways for exercises to make your body tough and flexible.

To be fit you need to have an effective workout and for that, you need a good base. You need to have a mat that saves you from pain while exercising because using faulty mats can cause muscle breakdown and you might get hurt.

Why Gym Mats?

  • Cleanliness- “Use a mat to keep your sweat away.” Having a gym mat can prevent you from getting dirty by acting as a layer of protection between you and the ground or floor. Thus, helping you to stay away from bacteria that can cause communicable diseases.

  • Comfort - The extra layer of padding of the mats between your body and the ground saves your wrists, knees, hips, feet, palms and other body parts from getting hurt due to the hard surface.

  • Safety- The most important concern while performing exercises is safety. These exercise mats offer stabilization to your body and protect you from getting hurt regardless of the position you are in.

Exercise Mat for All Types of Workout

Tumbling Mats

Tumbling mats are mostly used to offer safety in tumbling and in training new skills. They contain a piece of foam for a safe landing and are covered with vinyl or plastic lining. These are the same as gymnastics mats and they offer great safety to the practitioners.

Fitness Mats

These mats are larger and thicker than the regular mats. Mostly used in the gym, you can use them for crunches and stretching exercises. It helps in absorbing shocks that can occur when exercising without a mat and are usually easy to clean.

ASTM Compliant Mats

It is important to know that not all the mats are compliant with ASTM requirements. Businesses using, renting, or selling inflatable items should only use impact mats that are certified and compliant with ASTM F355 standards. Moreover, such mats are compulsory to be used around entrance and exit areas of bounce houses, and any wall or open area less than 36” high must also use an approved impact mat. PartyTents have received certification for their Impact Mats, and that too from an accredited testing facility, based on new ASTM standards.

What is new 2018 ASTM F-24 Standard on Amusement Rides & Devices?

As per the ASTM F-24, if an inflatable game or other device has a play area, where the patron is elevated on an object above the mattress surface, the designer has to make sure he evaluates the requirement for raised containment walls, an impact attenuation system or other mitigation strategy for hazards potential for falls.

The landing surfaces, which are the areas below and directly on the side to the ingress and egress areas of inflatable amusement device, and any empty perimeter area, or where a person who uses such attraction would land when existing or falling from it.

An extension of at least 4 feet (1.2m) is required from the edge of uncontained inflatable device from the ingress/egress areas or the perimeter of uncontained areas, in which surfacing shall conform to impact attenuation requirements of section 5.16.6.

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Whether you are performing push-ups, crunches, or practicing gymnastics or tumbling, it’s good to have cushion or pad support between you and the floor. Additionally, having exercise mats is also helpful for you to perform exercises with modifications. All you have to do is to select the kind of mat you need such as inflatable landing mat, folding exercise mat, etc. from our website. We will make sure to ship them to your doorstep as early as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order today at [email protected] or call on 888-291-4615