How Many Guests Fit Under A 20 x 20 Tent?

How Many Guests Fit Under A 20 x 20 Tent?

It can be frustrating to try and throw a party while not knowing what size tent to rent for the occasion. That’s why Party Tents Direct put this article together.

We’ll give you the rundown of just how many guests you can fit under a 20 x 20 tent, no matter the type of shindig you’re hosting. 

Variables to Keep in Mind

This question doesn’t necessarily come with a straight answer. The reason we can’t give you a definitive number of people that fit under a 20 x 20 tent is because the number differs depending on the type of event. 

For example, will you need a dance floor or a band? Are you using the tent for a cocktail party, or will you require seating and tables? There are many variables to keep in mind when considering this number - but don’t worry. We have the answers you need for the three most popular gatherings that take place under a 20 x 20 tent. 

Types of Gatherings 

In most cases, when a 20 x 20 tent is needed, people are either throwing an event that includes a sit-down dinner, cathedral (row) seating, or standing room for a cocktail party. We’re here to briefly outline all three of these popular events. 

  • Sit-Down Dinner
    • For a sit-down dinner with rectangular tables, you will be able to fit 40 people under a 20 x 20 tent. In a setting like this, the tables would be evenly-spaced from each other and arranged in an organized, space-efficient manner. You could hold sit-down dinners for nearly anything - from a wedding reception to a retirement celebration. 
  • Cathedral Seating
    • Cathedral seating refers to rows of seats. In an event with this type of arrangement, you can expect to fit 67 people under a 20 x 20 tent. Events like awards ceremonies or wedding services may call for cathedral seating. 
  • Cocktail Parties
    • Cocktail parties don’t involve any seating, which means more space. For a cocktail party, you can fit 80 people under a 20 x 20 tent. You could throw a cocktail party for an office get-together or a graduation party. 

Configuring Your Tent

We understand the importance of knowing the sizing and capacity of a tent when planning a party. If you have further questions about our 20 x 20 tents, reach out to Party Tents Direct for answers. 

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