For many, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are a great time to gather with friends and family, no matter what special occasion you celebrate. It’s especially exciting when your home is deemed the ‘party home’ and it’s the chosen place for everyone to get together! 

Whether you’re a brand new host or you’ve been doing this for decades, you’re likely to run into a common problem that people experience when inviting their loved ones over. Since your house isn’t used to so many guests, it’s very likely that you’ll be cramped for space. 

Surely, things will be comfortable when everyone is up and milling around. But when it comes to eating big family dinners, the logistics can get a bit tricky. In this article, you’ll find some creative ways to transform your space into the perfect holiday hub that will accommodate everyone you love. 

Arranging Your Furniture 

Take a look at your home and see where you can arrange cozy seating arrangements to encourage pockets of conversation throughout your house. More than likely, you’ll have to rearrange your living room seating into smaller groups so people can separate into comfortable pods. 

You’ll also want to turn your sofas away from the TV and, instead, towards the coffee table or fireplace. If you have matching loveseats, consider placing them back-to-back with a narrow table between them - as this can act as a sort of anchor for the room. 

Create visual structure by using decorative rugs - on top of that, rugs are great tools to make a room feel warmer. And a pop of color never hurt anyone, either! 

Removing Extras

During your party, your home is going to be full - a lot fuller than it usually is. Because you’ll need more space, consider removing unnecessary clutter from countertops, mantels, end tables, and other such surfaces. 

If you have activities planned for the evening, arrange your furniture around them. For example, if you plan on playing games in the family room, move your end tables out of the way and focus your furniture towards the middle of the space.


While most of the creative work is up to you when you arrange your furniture, there are some rules to stick by to get the best results. Make sure to keep three feet of space between your furniture pieces so your guests have room to walk. This amount of space also ensures that people are close enough to talk to each other - but not too close. 

If you use a central coffee table, it should be 15-18 inches from the next sofa or chair. This is so guests can be within reaching distance of their drink without hitting their shins on the table. 

Extra Seating

You might need extra seating for your party - especially if you’re inviting a lot of people. While it’s possible to use ottomans and other odds and ends for seating, we find that folding tables and folding chairs do the job much more efficiently. So, how do you seat guests at a dinner table? 

When it comes to chairs, we’ve got it all at Party Tents Direct, whether you’re looking for something like mahogany resin or white plastic. By placing these chairs in unused corners, you can encourage your guests to move around and mingle! 

Tables are equally as important as chairs, especially if you’re serving dinner. If you’re looking for something modest to add to your space, check out our wood folding table; it’s the perfect size to seat a handful of people who need a place to eat. If you’re looking for something that will seat everyone at your party, take a look at our two-pack of banquet-style folding tables

Important Spaces

After you’ve figured out how to seat your guests, take a moment to think about the essential spaces in your home - the places people pass through frequently, even if they might not stay for long. The first two places that should come to mind are the bathroom and the entryway. 

As soon as your guests walk in the door, your entryway should greet them with festive twinkle lights and ornaments - so, decorate it as such! This creates a lovely environment that will make guests feel warm and welcome right away. 

In the bathroom, light a seasonal candle, make sure all of your amenities (like toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels, and tissues) are stocked and easily accessible, and dress up your walls with some festive art. Remember to tuck all of your personal toiletry items away while guests are over! 

Getting Party-Ready

Preparing your home for a holiday party is simple. The answer to the question ‘how do you seat everyone at Christmas?’ comes with a straightforward answer - with creative thinking and a little help from Party Tents Direct.