2022 is here! Around the world, people hosted New Year's Eve parties with friends and families to ring in the new year. Guests gathered around kitchens and entertainment rooms, munching on savory treats and desserts while they watched the iconic ball drop live on television. 

Due to the changes in society over the last couple of years, many are worried about health concerns and attending large-scale events. Party hosts have made accommodations and addressed these concerns by hosting their New Year's Eve parties outdoors. Some may think it is delusional to throw this kind of event in the middle of winter, but any party connoisseur will say it is not crazy to have a party outdoors, even when the temperature drops. So, if you are up to the task of hosting the ultimate outdoor celebration in the new year, here are the top five things you need.

1. Need More Space? Pitch a Frame Tent! 

20' x 20' PVC Weekender West Coast Frame Party Tent - White

When you first hear the idea of having a New Year's Eve party outdoors, you may imagine guests bundled up in heavy coats, shivering and huddling around a patio fire pit drinking hot cocoa. No one likes standing out in cold temperatures for hours with nothing to do. If you want your outdoor backyard bash to be an elegant experience for all, find a space in your yard and a secure party tent. Frame tents are strong temporary structures constructed using steel pipes and vinyl roof tarp material. Consumers often prefer to purchase West Coast Frame Tents over traditional pole tents because they can be easily assembled and safely secured with reinforced anchor stakes. The difference between a pole tent and a frame tent is that a pole tent has interior center poles, while a frame tent has - you guessed it - none. 

West Coast Frame Tents like the white 20' x 20’ frame tent is a perfect structure to use for a backyard party. For example, say you invite 10-25 guests over to your event, and your backyard is roughly 6,000 square feet. The area of a 20’ x 20’ tent is 400 square feet and has a capacity of up to 33 people for a sit-down dinner, 40 people for a buffet-style dinner, and 80 people for a standing cocktail party. This tent would provide more than enough space for all of your guests!

During the cooler months, we’ve seen an increase in sidewall purchases. While there are ways to use these tents year-round, we strongly advise against setting up a frame tent outside in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below this can expose a tent to weather element risks. These external risks could potentially damage the canvas and sidewalls of a tent. We encourage you to read the manual upon receiving your tent and call us with any questions.

2. Bring the Heat to the Party

While a tent provides shelter from most outdoor elements, the cold can still slip into a tent. Bring the heat with sidewalls and heaters to keep guests warm.

Let's learn how to get tent stakes out of the ground after setting up a party tent like this beautiful high peak frame tent

Tent sidewalls are add-on walls that attach to the sides of the frame tent. They offer protection from weather elements and provide additional privacy. There are different sizes and styles of sidewalls. Clear Cathedral window sidewalls are walls coated with translucent PVC vinyl material that allows sunlight in and has “windows” that allow those inside the tent to look out. Solid sidewalls are blackout wall coverings used for total privacy. Sidewalls with zipper doors are perfect for the entry point of a tent. 

Even with sidewalls, chilly weather can still sneak in. Keep guests from freezing and consider using a tent heater. Portable outdoor heaters and patio heaters are two kinds of heaters that are great for tent or porch use. These tent heaters are affordably priced and quickly heat large entertainment spaces.

3. Setting Up Seating

You got the tent, the sidewalls, the heater…now what? To host the ultimate outdoor bash in 2022, you need to have tables and chairs. Tables and chairs are essential items for any party. Where else will guests eat their meals? On their laps? On the ground? It is not impossible, but it is probably not the most comfortable either! 

Make an outdoor party elegant for guests with sleek black resin folding chairs and round tables. Step it up a notch and include a designated bar area. Cocktail bistro tables are perfect for those standing guests engaged in conversations that need a place to set their refreshments down. Any combination of these products will help you create the desired space and seating arrangements for your event. 

4. Making the New Year Bright!

For an outdoor party to be “lit,” as the cool kids would say, you must light the place up! As we previously mentioned, tables and chairs can help create the perfect setting for a party. So can lighting

Lighting such as bronze string lights or multi-colored string lights can help get the job done. These lights are weather resistant and have a 30 feet outdoor coil cord and plug. Outdoor party light sets are great for evening parties because they provide protection and safety for guests unaware of their surroundings outdoors at night. 

5. The Final Touch: Tasty Treats! 

We saved the best for last! So far on your perfect party list is a tent, sidewalls, portable tent heater, tables, chairs, and lights. What else do we need for a party that would make it great? The food! We know health and safety are a priority, especially over the past couple of years. We recommend avoiding buffet-style platters and food bowls. You can individualize and wrap food in grab-and-go containers like plastic cups, wood skewers on plates, take-out boxes, and even shot glasses. 

At Party Tents Direct, we may not be able to provide the food element of your outdoor celebration, but we can definitely do the rest. We’d like to say that we are the party experts and know how to host the ultimate outdoor party. So in 2022, make one of your New Year's resolutions to host the ultimate outdoor bash this year. 

For us here at Party Tents Direct, we wish you all a very Happy New Year!